How do
show up?

It’s important to have a web presence. Cliche. Why does it matter? Are you an entrepreneur, marketing executive, active in the third sector? You want to have clients, partners, members? They’re looking for you as we speak. What will they find?

Marketing today happens inbound. That means you shout less, just make yourself easier to find. That’s why it matters, what they’ll find. You know this, you google things up yourself, too. A lot more often than not, web is where you fascinate them, or scare them away.


A web site is the bedrock of your presence. We’ll get you anything from an affordable page template to a comprehensive tailored site. Turn-key delivery, hosted or to your own web hotel. Create and design all you like, or leave it all to us.


E-commerce is growing, nothing new. But it’s not just Amazons that thrive, it makes sense starting from a solo entrepreneur. You can extend your existing site to include a web shop. When money is on the table, be prepared to grab it.


Besides sites & shops, we power up your business with supporting, integrated services. Or whatever we agree to do: maintenance or revamp of existing sites & shops, production partnership for marketing agencies and more.

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