Seuraava siirto Oy,

Mikko Isotalo
The project with Dynamit had a good co-operating spirit. Mikko grasped from the beginning what we were looking for in the site. He instantly had a clear vision of the possibilities and how to realize them. Mikko's technical, visual and verbal skills are strong. Equally his business proficiency, which is so vital to integrate in web communications, when you want to achieve something beyond a standard calling card site. Mikko brought up views and options in appropriate stages, that we never thought about. It was such a pleasure to build a site with a creative and agile professional. And we had some fun too!

Pullan Kala Oy

Pullan Kala Oy sells wild fish caught with their own hands from the coastal waters of the town of Rauma. Entrepreneur, fisherman Jarno Aaltonen has been fishing as long as he can remember. A few years back, he realized that fishing could evolve into a profession. Professional fishing calls for professional web existence, which Jarno …

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Rauma Kayaking Club,

Jukka Asikanius
We got priceless help from Dynamit in updating our badly worn-out web site and transferring it to a new server. A paddler himself, Mikko grasped the needs right away and had some great ideas to develop the content. The site design and structure comes all from Dynamit, we did write some of the texts on our own. Co-operation all through the project was very fluent and we believe that will be the case in the future as well. We are already planning to implement some additional features to the site.

Wilma Consulting Oy,

Maija Talvinen
Well that was easy! Dynamit quickly grasped the specifics of my business and uncovered the benefits to client. Their proficiency was strong not only in web development, but also in putting ideas into words and visual representations – imagery and brand colours were included in the project. I got help in developing web visibility, plus the English translations were provided in a breeze. Quick and comprehensive care of the client!

ionSign Oy

ionSign is a small technology company in the global and growing Industrial Internet of Things, IoT industry. The company had used a marketing agency a couple of years back, to refresh the visual image and the site. Dynamit stepped in when the original content management system, Drupal started to be limiting and difficult for regular …

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