Rauma Kayaking Club,

Jukka Asikanius
We got priceless help from Dynamit in updating our badly worn-out web site and transferring it to a new server. A paddler himself, Mikko grasped the needs right away and had some great ideas to develop the content. The site design and structure comes all from Dynamit, we did write some of the texts on our own. Co-operation all through the project was very fluent and we believe that will be the case in the future as well. We are already planning to implement some additional features to the site.

Wilma Consulting Oy,

Maija Talvinen
Well that was easy! Dynamit quickly grasped the specifics of my business and uncovered the benefits to client. Their proficiency was strong not only in web development, but also in putting ideas into words and visual representations – imagery and brand colours were included in the project. I got help in developing web visibility, plus the English translations were provided in a breeze. Quick and comprehensive care of the client!

Filamall Oy

Filamall established a Finnish web shop for 3D printing hobbyists, accompanied by a knowledge base to share hints and ideas around 3D printing. A dashing presentation of products and ease of navigation were adopted as key targets for design. The shop wanted to share new knowledge base articles to the users, as soon as they’re …

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ionSign Oy

ionSign is a small technology company in the global and growing Industrial Internet of Things, IoT industry. The company had used a marketing agency a couple of years back, to refresh the visual image and the site. Dynamit stepped in when the original content management system, Drupal started to be limiting and difficult for regular …

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Mummon Maskit

Grandma had always liked handicrafting. In the Covid-19 quarantine, there were more and more finished work around. Could I start selling them? The Covid-19 also gave birth to a new product: the face masks made of fabric. Grandma first made them to the family, until the family was full of them. That’s when grandma decided …

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