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So you have a web site now, maybe even a web shop. Now you’re supposed to get the most out of it. Sometimes that involves additional features; newsletters, marketing automation, helpdesk, visitor analytics… No fear, Dynamit is also a tuning workshop.

Besides shops and sites, we customise your sales and marketing support services. We integrate your site to services you may already be using, or create new integrated services. Your site grows into an integral part of your sales, marketing and client support operations. Inbound turns on the wheel that churns you new contacts and clients.

After the setup, we can build you campaigns and create content, in English and in Finnish. Learn what we’ve done already.

So what could you need then?

Google Analytics is the market leader in visitor analytics – what else is there anyway? Everything you do online – or offline – you should base on the insight of how your visitors behave. Did you act on something? Did that result into visitor traffic? How much? What kind? Google Analytics needs to be integrated to your site to provide data for it to churn. That’s easily done, but often as easily missed. Let us help.
Mautic is an open source marketing automation system. Like HubSpot or ActiveCampaign, but you can host it in your own server, no fees, no restricted features. We’ve been building campaigns with Mautic for five years now. Score and segment visitors, target them with individual, event triggered nursing, run campaigns. You can host Mautic on your own, or acquire it hosted by us. In both cases we can help in getting off the ground with configurations, creating campaigns, segments and triggers.
Freshdesk is a cloud based helpdesk service, having a free plan sufficient for a small business and expanding as you go. Impress your clients with your support ticket handling, create a support database or an FAQ section to support your users. Our Freshdesk experience is also about five years, and we configure it to meet your needs. We also integrate Freshdesk as a part of your web site, which gives a life to your client support and makes your own life easier.
Mailchimp must be the most famous cloud based newsletter service. In the last couple of years, it has developed more and more towards marketing automation, and it for example integrates to a WooCommerce shop to automate your client messaging. The free plan serves a small business well and the paid plans expand the features as your demands grow. We create your Mailchimp campaigns, templates and integrate it as a part of your WordPress site or WooCommerce shop.
You probably already have Facebook and Instagram in use? Do you also have a Facebook page and an Instagram account for your business? You can – and you should – integrate your WooCommerce shop to both Facebook and Instagram, to enable highlighting and tagging products in the posts, even direct purchases on the social media platform. Here you have two more channels for your clients to find your business and interact with it.

All of the above are paid online services, having a free plan that works reasonably well for a small business. They grow in features as you grow in business and needs. For Mautic, the free option is to self-host the full system with all features.

The tuning workshop

Google Analytics integrationConfiguring your visitor tracking and relevant report views. You may have a free Analytics account already, or we’ll create you one. Takes a few hours.95 €/h
Mautic installationMautic installation to Dynamit’s server, configuring basic campaigns and forms and integration to your site. Takes a day or two, depending on what you need.95 €/h
Mautic hostingDisk space, backups and updates to ensure availability and security. Invoiced in 12 month periods upfront.7 €/m
Freshdesk configurationCreating of a free plan Freshdesk account, if you don’t have one already. Configuring it to your needs, customising the messages and the support form, integrating the support form to your site. Takes a day or two, depending.95 €/h
Mailchimp configurationCreating of a free plan Mailchimp account, if you don’t have one already. Configuring it to your needs, customising the messages and the signup form, integrating the signup form to your site. Takes a day, depending.95 €/h
Facebook and Instagram integrationsSome tinkering at the web shop backoffice and on both social media accounts. Not necessary if you don’t have a shop. Takes about a day.95 €/h
CustomisingSite revamps, maintenance and feature development as you require, creating Mautic campaigns, configurations and visual tinkering in Google Analytics, Mautic, Mailchimp, Freshdesk or whatever it is you need.95 €/h