A 3D printer’s web shop

Filamall Oy


Mailchimp, Web Sites, Web Shops, Visual Design, Special Features

What we did

Filamall established a Finnish web shop for 3D printing hobbyists, accompanied by a knowledge base to share hints and ideas around 3D printing. A dashing presentation of products and ease of navigation were adopted as key targets for design.

The shop wanted to share new knowledge base articles to the users, as soon as they’re published. For this purpose, a Mailchimp subscription form was integrated to the site, and an automation was created in Mailchimp, that sends a message containing a link to the fresh article once a week, if new content was published. Mailchimp was also utilised to remind the shop client of an abandoned cart – a shopping cart that never got to the checkout page. The shop uses a free Mailchimp account.

The shop was further integrated with its Facebook page and the products were synchronised to the Facebook shop section. The integration was further expanded to the shop’s Instagram account, so that products may be tagged to posts, enabling the user to directly navigate to the shop from the post.

During the three years of operation, the shop has undergone some minor and one major makeover, where e.g. product search, shop design and reporting were developed.

This is how it looks