A Fisherman’s net

Pullan Kala Oy


Web Sites, Media Agency Partnership

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Pullan Kala Oy sells wild fish caught with their own hands from the coastal waters of the town of Rauma. Entrepreneur, fisherman Jarno Aaltonen has been fishing as long as he can remember. A few years back, he realized that fishing could evolve into a profession. Professional fishing calls for professional web existence, which Jarno embarked upon with the Rauma based media agency Mediakumppanit.

Mediakumppanit provides media communications, graphic design, digital marketing, event marketing, advertising campaigns, brand management and photographic and video shooting. The comprehensive offering also covers WordPress web site development, but occasionally hands are full of work and the web developer partner catches the ball. Dynamit produced the whole Single Page site for Pullan Kala, as visually designed by Mediakumppanit, to a web hosting partner also chosen by Mediakumppanit.

Mediakumppanit first provided a sound material package, graphic guidelines and a sketch of the planned page layout. Ideas were interchanged during the production phase, but pretty much the original idea was launched in a short timeframe, after all the material was at hand. Interfaces and roles were agreed e.g. with regard to SEO and site maintenance. The first partnership site production was successful for both parties.

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