An IoT company going global

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What we did

WordPress säästölaskelma lomake
The form to calculate savings when deploying remote water meter monitoring ( in Finnish)

ionSign is a small technology company in the global and growing Industrial Internet of Things, IoT industry. The company had used a marketing agency a couple of years back, to refresh the visual image and the site. Dynamit stepped in when the original content management system, Drupal started to be limiting and difficult for regular maintenance and content development. Features and content types were sought for, that the company was not able to pull through in-house, and after a purchased development project, maintenance would have continued to be cumbersome, as before.

The decision was made with Dynamit to migrate existing content to the WordPress platform and develop new features there. The visual face was still working well, so Dynamit faithfully recreated that to the new platform. The new features were easy to implement by choosing appropriate plug-ins, and site maintenance was much easier in comparison to Drupal.

Dynamit also created all text content, with English translations, and some of the pictures to the new ionSign site.

WordPress as the platform has fulfilled original expectations, developing new content and features has been simple as expected. After the initial changeover, for example forms have been added that enable the site visitor to calculate savings with their own data, when using some of ionSign’s products.

ionSign uses the open source marketing automation tool Mautic, installed to their web hosting server. Mautic forms were integrated to the web site to collect contacts and data of visitor behaviour, both before and after they’re identified with a form submit.

To organise client support, ionSign uses a free plan FreshDesk account. A support request form was integrated to the site, which instantly delivers the support ticket to FreshDesk and to the agents.

This is how it looks