Grandma’s handicraft shop

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What we did

Grandma had always liked handicrafting. In the Covid-19 quarantine, there were more and more finished work around. Could I start selling them? The Covid-19 also gave birth to a new product: the face masks made of fabric. Grandma first made them to the family, until the family was full of them. That’s when grandma decided to learn yet a new profession, a sideline web shop keeper. So grandma needed a web shop, of course there was no idea about how to get one done nor how to live with it.

The web shop for grandma’s face masks was pretty much a Stall project. A compact site, built into a shop from the start, not many pages needed for supporting information. The shop page had the focus and was the home page of the site. Other pages included product information, delivery terms, privacy policy, and a bit of a story of grandma herself. Grandma got a crash course for content management and shop keeping in WordPress from Dynamit. She was then able to write all contents, shoot and import product and other pictures, and create all products on her own. In about two weeks from the go-decision, the shop opened for business. On the last morning, grandma wrote titles and meta descriptions for the search engines and there was the SEO covered.

Grandma’s hands still produce more than the family can use, so ideas proliferate about expanding the product portfolio!

This is how it looks