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Seuraava siirto Oy


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The project with Dynamit had a good co-operating spirit. Mikko grasped from the beginning what we were looking for in the site. He instantly had a clear vision of the possibilities and how to realize them. Mikko's technical, visual and verbal skills are strong. Equally his business proficiency, which is so vital to integrate in web communications, when you want to achieve something beyond a standard calling card site. Mikko brought up views and options in appropriate stages, that we never thought about. It was such a pleasure to build a site with a creative and agile professional. And we had some fun too!

Mikko Isotalo

Seuraava siirto Oy

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Seuraava siirto (The next move) was a freshly established company, with the aim to create well-being and significance to the lives of especially people in entrepreneur positions. In the professional, and the other life as well. Planning the web presence was started with Dynamit from the scratch. Based on the discussions, the customer created the text contents, with some additions and editing from Dynamit. Dynamit then created the site structure, visual and content layout, and the required functionalities for e.g. contacting.

As the starting point was a clean slate, Dynamit was also commissioned to design the logo, colors and typography. Seuraava siirto provides a standstill to contemplate the issues that occupy the mind, and an invigorated start to the new steps ahead. This is what the logo and the visual design tries to capture as well.

The first published site version will be later complemented with the components of the business still in the coming; a web shop will start selling materials supporting the services, when developed to a mature enough stage.

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